Ipsos Flair : les points de vue de nos experts dans le monde

Ipsos Flair poursuit son développement à l'international. Découvrez les éditions Brésil, Thaïlande, Italie, Inde, Mexique et Colombie avec les points de vue de nos experts locaux


Ipsos Flair in Brazil

Many marketing executives, advertisers and name brand and publicity managers have difficulty understanding the reality of Asia and Latin America. Either they have geographic and economic knowledge, or they have inherited a deformed image, as mirrored in literature and the cinema. Of all countries, Brazil was certainly that which was inflicted with the most stereotypes.




Ipsos Flair in Thailand

If you search “Thailand” on English sites, you will find more than 1,110,000,000 results. Apart from institutional sites, (embassies, tourist boards, economic analysis agencies, geostrategic agencies etc.) or those relating to disasters such as the 2004 tsunami, few sites portray a “serious” image of Thailand. Recurring words are similar in tone - very flattering, but still superficial. They talk about Thailand’s atmosphere, its geography and its inhabitants : “the land of smiles”, “heaven”, “Eldorado”, “sunbathing”, “luxuriant islands”, “great beaches”, “sun”, “relax”, “patience”, “food”, “caring”, “innocence”, “charm”, “grace”, “sensuality”…




Ipsos Flair in Italia

Flair is in its fourth year. Our ambition again is to describe what has happened and form hypotheses on what might happen, seeking to read between the lines of our data and to discern what was not said in our interviews. As always, this research and analysis and these hypotheses are based on the mass of data that we collect each year from the telephone and face-to-face interviews that we carry out each day, from the focus groups we hold and from web monitoring and online searches.




Ipsos Flair in India

Ipsos Flair is designed to give our customers a full strategic planning tool, as well as a decision support tool they might need, thanks to the experts of Ipsos working in the country :
  • What kind of opinion people expresses towards brands, ads, companies and institutions
  • The elements that help to understand messages, the attitudes (favorable/unfavorable, trusting/skeptical, positive/critical….)
  • The consequences that they should learn, in order to define a strategy of influence (marketing, media, ads, etc.).





Ipsos Flair in Colombia

In 2005, Jean-Marc Lech and Didier Truchot, Ipsos Co-Chairmen, announced the acquisition of the Colombian company Napoleón Franco S.A., a national leader in survey-based marketing, media, loyalty and public affairs research. Ten years later, Ipsos in Colombia is still a full-service agency with in-house data collection and data processing. 




Ipsos Flair in Mexico

The French writer Georges Bataille wrote, (and it remains a subject of reflection) "eroticism is the approval of life even in death." Why start with this strange quote? In Mexico, death it is omnipresent, found in the annual celebrations dedicated to the dead, in the cult of Santa Muerte, even narcocorridos songs. It could even be assumed that this phrase could be the national motto.


Yves Bardon

Directeur du programme Flair, Ipsos Knowledge Center

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